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2019 &Samhoudcreativetech

wifi assistant for Ziggo

During my time at &samhoudmedia I got the opportunity to work on the wifi assistant application for Ziggo. An application that got nominated for the SpinAwards as best AR/ VR application. While I can’t share in depth insights or processes. I can definitely speak about what I learned, the scope and with part of the project I was responsible for.

A large part of the application has an Augmented Reality (AR) layer. Majority of the project I worked on the UX and UI of the application. Together with Patrick Philippa we were responsible for creating:

  • User flow
  • Customer Journey
  • Interface (Every aspect except the result screens)
  • UI library

I worked closely with the software engineers to ensure that the AR experience was implemented as intended. During the project I also worked on the visuals assets within the application and I was responsible for designing the key visuals and screenshots for in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Throughout the hole project we had a lot of internal meetings. During these meetings I learned a lot about working with multiple departments within an organization. How to clearly communicate my findings, goals and what I want to achieve with my design solutions.

The wifi assistant application for Ziggo is available for iOS and Android.

Ziggo smart wifi assistent
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